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Video Creation and Marketing

Our Video Pricing

Weve made our pricing simple and straightforward. When you get a project started you know exactly how much it will cost you, with no hidden costs or surprises.

What To Expect

Each Package includes Script, Storyboard, and Animation. A higher budget allows us to commit more resources into perfecting the message and degree of customization..

The trend right now is that videos are taking over written article as the preferred source of online content. In fact, according to the statistics by Cisco, 69% of consumer traffic will be through online videos by year 2017. Failing to adapt to these growing changes would pose a huge problem in your business in the long run. Learning how to properly create and market videos to your customers is going to be vital. Creating videos just for the sake of creating video content wont be enough though. You need proper video marketing experience and guidance to make it through.

The video marketing services that we offer in Handy SEO is designed to help our customers create and market videos in every step of the way. Our experience in video marketing had taught us how to create the right blend of marketing videos that are not only visually attractive but can effectively generate leads and sales as well. We can help you create stunning videos that are compatible to all known online video platforms. We can help you market your videos in Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram and many others. Just call us, lets talk and we will help you create the marketing video that you've always wanted.

Video Pricing Table




  • Script - Client
  • No Voiceover
  • Simple Graphics
  • Simple Animation
  • Final HD Video
  • Up to 1 minute



  • Script
  • No Voiceover
  • Basic Graphics
  • Basic Animation
  • Soundtrack (Additional)
  • Up to 2 minutes



  • Script
  • Pro Voiceover
  • Standard Illustrations
  • Standard Animation
  • Royalty-Free Soundtrack
  • Up to 2 minutes



  • Script
  • Pro Voiceover
  • High Quality Illustrations
  • Premium/More Complex Animation
  • Custom Soundtrack
  • No Time Limit

How Video SEO can Increase Your Sales

  • Video can be quickly optimized to reach the top pages of Google, as Google loves Videos and with our video marketing services, your video will start ranking very fast and that means you will be shown in the results much faster than the web page.
  • If your videos are ranked on Google and other search engines then you are exposed to a great traffic that actually want what you provide and your video will catch the attention of the user more than the normal text of the websites.More Traffic means more Sales.
  • A video can go viral , people will discuss a video more than a web page . A video can initiate a mouth to mouth marketing . When people will see your videos that has an impact over them , they will also talk to others about it.Video marketing Services help your video to go viral
  • ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN THE WORDS and videos are full of actions effects and also a great way to narrate your product to the audience.
  • Video Optimization Seo is a new concept so it gives you an edge over your competitors who are still following the old traditional ways of search engine optimization.
  • IT CAN REDUCE YOUR ADWORDS COST .Ranking on the search engine using video seo marketing will be far more economical then the sponsored link.

The Effortless Process

Contact Us And See How We Can Enhance Your Brand And Boost Sales



Planning out a video that works to sell your message effectively is the most important step in the process. We work with you to create a customised video strategy, outlining the best ways to generate the results you need for your business. This begins with collaborative, creative idea generation, and a script we create and you approve.



Regardless of the scale of your project, we work tirelessly to capture your idea just the way you want it. Using not only the best talent from Adelaide and around the country, but also quality equipment and modern techniques to get the look and sound you need for your business.



We have our own state-of-the-art post-production facilities, which makes our video production more efficient and cost effective. We use our high-end editing and sound suites with dedicated editors, animators, sound designers and graphic artists.



A final review process ensures that you get exactly what you ask for. We are here to assist you with final delivery, whether thats integrating your video into your website or delivering it straight into the hands of television networks. We also know how to organise the media buying side of things, keeping your costs as low as possible.